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Learn about the important practice of Gemba walking for all levels of management in a Lean organization. 18 pages. ISBN 978-0-9947810-4-8. Colour illustrations. ePublished in Canada eh!

  • Read the Gemba Walk Guide in an eBook format

  • Download all appendices in PDF format to prepare for Gemba walks and record your learning

  • Includes a work-based assignment to incease the knowledge of, and the practice of standards on your own work

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  • This eBook undergoes continuous improvement

Course curriculum

    1. Before you start

    1. Gemba walks: a brief guide for Lean leaders

    1. A. Work-based assignment in preparation for Gemba walking

    2. B1. Sample Leader Standard Work (what to do, when to do it, completed or if not, why?)

    3. Sample Leader Standard Work in editable EXCEL format

    4. B2. Interconnected levels of management and % of work time standardized

    5. C. Visual Management Checklist

    6. D. Overview of standard work instructions

    7. E. Notes and follow-ups from the Gemba

    1. A Director's Gemba Walk

    2. Empirical evidence from the Gemba in a jail setting

    3. Time Management and Leader Standard Work

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