Flow Problem Solving Level 2.0!

Lean thinking is all about developing everyone as AWESOME problem solvers. Bring your flow problem solving skills to level 2.0 with this course. Hands-on simulations help you integrate the theory into practice while you learn.

  • Short videos, quizzes, downloads, proposed reading and an optional work-based assignment

  • Learn about the Constructal Law, Little's Law, the Bernoulli Principle, Takt Time, Flow Cells and Flow Efficiency and how they apply for work seen as flow

  • See how the transition from Batch Chemistry to Flow Chemistry faced challenges similar to transitions from traditional management to Lean management

  • Self-paced course duration is approximately 1.5 hours for all mandatory elements to receive a Certificate of Completion. The duration with the proposed external videos and the optional work-based assignment is approximately one day.

  • Hands-on simulations and exercises to go from theory to practice

  • Introduction to Lean and Make Flow Visible courses are prerequisites

  • Each registration provides access for a full year

  • This course undergoes continuous improvement.