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We create courses based on best practices from adult education research. Join the some 3,000+ participants across Canada who have attended Lean workshops offered by Alpen Path Solutions since March 2015. Be Lean!

  • Short videos, quizzes and downloads

  • Proposed readings and optional work-based assignment

  • Self-paced course duration is approximately 2 hours for all mandatory elements to receive a Certificate of Completion. The duration with the proposed reading and the optional work-based assignment is approximately one day.

  • This course is a prerequisite for all other Lean courses

  • Each registration provides access for a full year!

Course curriculum

    1. Your Lean learning journey

    2. Introduction to Lean - Course Workbook (PDF to view, download or print)

    3. What is Lean?

    4. Lean: improve flow

    5. The Bicycle Book Story by Prof. Zoe Radnor

    6. Lean basics quiz

    1. Problems: a paradigm shift

    2. Collaborative science in Lean, an overview

    3. Lean, science of work quiz

    1. Myths about Lean

    1. Kaizen, how we improve in a Lean organization

    2. Defining an improvement

    3. Improvement quiz

    1. Lean roots, a very brief history of Lean

    1. The bedrock of a Lean culture: Part 1

    2. The bedrock of a Lean culture: Part 2

    3. Lean culture quiz

About this course

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  • 37 lessons
  • Downloadable tools in PDF format
  • Hands-on exercises and a work-based assignment to practice