Become a better Lean leader

No matter your management level, deepen your Lean thinking and your understanding of your role as a Lean leader. Help your organization to be Lean. Learn about the Gemba by engaging in Gemba walks with the help of a Lean flow coach. Gemba is the 'real place' where work happens and where your customers interact with employees and your product or service. As a Lean leader you learn to develop people's problem solving skills and to improve the system within which people align their effort to flow value to customers.

  • 8 one-on-one virtual coaching sessions (up to 8 hours) with Teams

  • Virtual one-on-one Lean coaching adapts to your level of management, from the senior-most role to the critically important front-line management role

  • It's easy to integrate the 4 online self-paced courses in your busy schedule ('Intro to Lean', 'Make flow visible', 'Lean thinker's toolkit', 'Gemba') with short videos, quizzes and downloads

  • Mandatory readings - 'Lean: Manage work as a flow system' 3rd Edition book and the 'Gemba walks: a brief guide for Lean leaders' e-Book

  • Each course registration provides access for a full year

  • You have up to 365 days from the date of registration to complete the 'Advanced Lean Leadership Certificate' requirements (4 courses, 8 coaching sessions, 9 mandatory assignments and 2 mandatory readings)

  • Assignments for each of the four courses and 4 additional assignments are mandatory to earn an 'Advanced Lean Leadership Certificate'. The work-based assignments help you live Lean. Includes engaging in a Gemba walk practice.

  • Total effort to meet the 'Advanced Lean Leadership Certificate' requirements is estimated at 60 hours

  • This Certificate undergoes continuous improvement.

  • Non-refundable, but can be transferred to another learner if no coaching sessions were held.

Course curriculum

    1. Launching your Lean leadership journey

    2. Learning to be a better learner

    3. Advanced Lean Leadership Certificate Workbook (to view, download or print)

    1. Planning for the 1st coaching session - Purpose, Current State and Context

    2. Attend 1st coaching session

    3. Upload and Submit First Assignment

    1. Complete the 'Introduction to Lean' course and do the work-based assignment

    2. Upload and Submit your assignment for 'Introduction to Lean' course

    3. Attend 2nd coaching session

    1. Complete the 'Make flow visible' course and do the work-based assignment

    2. Upload and submit your Assignment for 'Make flow visible' course

    3. Attend 3rd coaching session

    1. Complete the 'Lean thinker's toolkit' course

    2. Authority close to work

    3. Work-based assignment for 'Lean Thinker's toolkit' course

    4. Upload and Submit your Assignment for 'Lean thinker's toolkit' course

    5. Attend 4th coaching session

    1. Complete the 'Gemba: the power of observation' course

About this course

  • $1,999.00
  • 4 courses and readings
  • 8 one-on-one virtual Lean coaching sessions
  • Engage in a Gemba walk

Lean leadership. Creativity. Innovation. Problem solving.

There is no better time than now to be a Lean leader. Learning to use less time, fewer resources, make fewer mistakes and continuously improve how work works, by developing people to be the BEST at what they do.