See and manage your own work

Make the flow of your work visible so that you can measure and improve the flow every day. Be the best at what you do. Join the thousands from across Canada who attended Lean training with Alpen Path Solutions Inc. since 2015. Thanks for your support!

  • Short videos, quizzes, downloads, proposed readings and additional external videos.

  • Includes 6 visual management tools! Some are downloadable in PDF format. Prepare a notepad, paper, sticky notes, and a pen or permanent marker.

  • Self-paced course duration is approximately 1.5 hours for all mandatory elements to receive a Certificate of Completion. The duration with the proposed external videos and the optional work-based assignment is approximately one day.

  • Do the work-based assignment to get into the practice of seeing your own work, discussing flow with your supervisor and collaborating to solve flow problems.

  • Introduction to Lean is a prerequisite.

  • Each registration provides access for a full year!

  • This course undergoes continuous improvement.

Course curriculum

    1. Before you start

    2. Overview of the course

    3. Make flow visible - Course Workbook (PDF to view, download or print)

    1. Working in the dark

    2. History and definitions

    3. Why humans need to limit WIP - Part 1

    4. Why humans need to limit WIP - Part 2

    5. Fundamentals Quiz

    1. View or Download a PERSONAL_Flow_Board_11X17

    2. Personal flow board - Part 1

    3. Personal flow board - Part 2

    4. Individual PROCESS flow board - Part 1

    5. Individual PROCESS flow board - Part 2

    6. Personal boards quiz

    7. Team PROCESS flow board - Part 1

    8. Team PROCESS flow board - Part 2

    9. Team PROCESS flow board - Part 3

    10. Kamishibai board

    11. Problem flow board

    12. View or Download the Problem Flow Board poster (24X36)

    13. View or Download the Improvement Ground Rules to post near the Problem Flow Board

    14. View or Download Problem Cards, to place near the Problem Flow Board

    15. Meeting flow board

    16. View or Download the Meeting Flow Board poster (24X36)

    17. Flow boards quiz

    1. Lean practice: daily huddles (short daily stand-up meeting)

    2. View or Download a Sample Huddle Agenda

    3. Huddle quiz

    1. Getting to know sticky notes

    1. View or Download the Alignment of Visual Management in a Flow System poster (24X36)

About this course

  • $24.95
  • 34 lessons
  • Downloadable documents in PDF
  • Hands-on exercises and a work-based assignment to practice